Unified Communications
meets IoT

IM-Notify: Interconnection at its best

The most intelligent technology is needed to connect the vital operating arms of your organisation during a crisis. Our agile crisis response tool unifies the most sophisticated communications features in one smart device enabled interface.

This allows you to control critical third party functions of your entire organisation from the screen of your mobile phone – across multiple sites, departments and geographical locations.


Tap the intelligence of IoT

IM-Notify taps the true potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing you to:

  • Make public announcements across your PA systems.
  • Operate security doors and exits.
  • Trigger workflow in IT medical or transport systems.
  • Maintain continuity of operations during a crisis.

IM-Notify places failsafe control of third party operations securely in your hands when crisis looms – unified communications at its finest.

Want to learn more? Open up the world of IM-Notify on the features page.