ComCent Features

The Critical Communications Centre is a suite of modules designed to help any organisation simplify and speed up their important communications. Users include emergency services, regional health authorities, workplace safety authorities, environment departments, police services and more

The system can be installed as:

  • A Hosted Cloud Service with a quarterly or yearly subscription service.
  • An On-Site system with a quarterly or yearly subscription service;
  • Purchased outright as an on-site installation with an appropriate annual Service Level Agreement.
  • ALERTS Conference
  • ALERTS Voice Page
  • ALERTS Operator
  • Call Recording and Forwarding
  • Operator Controlled
  • Contact Centre
  • Canned Message
  • Meet Me Now
  • Crisis Hotline
  • Heartbeat
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Logging and Reporting

ALERTS Conference

The system will blast dial your team (on any phone) and place them into a conference call. Each person can have an unlimited number of contact numbers. Basic ALERTS allows an initiator to contact a predefined team of users and place them into a voice conference. Secure ALERTS requires a PIN to be entered before the members are contacted. The team members also enter a PIN to prevent unwanted answers such as voice-mail.

ALERTS Voice Page

This Voice Page service allows a user to dial in to the system and by following simple voice prompts, record a voice message which is then sent to each member in the Voice Page team. This functionality can also be used to distribute voice mail and sending updates to media agencies.

ALERTS Operator

This service allows incoming calls on a pre-assigned number to be forwarded to operators within the system. If these operators are not currently logged in then, the service will call them on their available phone number(s). This means that the first operator to pick up will be assigned to the incoming caller.

Call Recording and Forwarding

All voice communication is recorded on the system and is available for reference post the event. Unlike other solutions this functionality is integrated enabling easy retrieval in the future. Calls can also be forwarded to a predefined number and then recorded. This feature can also ask for a pin number and after validation the system will ask for the number to forward the call to.

Operator Controlled

Operator functionality gives the user control, in real time, of services running on the system. Users are able to call out and manipulate calls already on the system to facilitate advanced functions including voting, question and answer periods and split / combine multiple rooms. Built in phone book and searching simplifies and streamlines tasks in critical situations easing operator workloads. Our system is used by many hospital patient transfer services around Australia and the world, allowing them to simplify patient records by using the unique features to integrate record numbers and out of the box call recordings.

Contact Centre

ComCent offers complete enterprise call centre solution for agents both, on premise and off premise. The call queuing functionality includes agent routing and timed overflow of incoming callers. Full administrative and wall board monitoring of agents and call in system is enabled. The feature offers the ability to cross reference calls and add call classifications, notes and call titles as well as the facility to join multi-call session together under a single reference. This system enables full call recording, system logging and on demand or scheduled reporting.

Canned Message

The Canned message service allows an initiator to dial into the Communications Centre System and send pre-formatted messages to any team on the server. The initiator is guided through the service to select the team and canned message desired. Once the message is selected the system will send an SMS, Radio Page or Email to each member.

Meet Me Now

This service allows multiple simultaneous dial-in or dial-out conferences to take place on the system. They may be accessed by dialling a particular number or using a PIN for access. Once in conference they can then use the phone keypad for extra functionality.

Crisis Hotline

The Crisis Hotline allows anyone dialling the central number to get a critical company message. Anyone with administrator access can dial in and change the message or record and up-load a new message at any time. Large numbers of people can access this message in times of crisis.


If you have employees working alone, this service will allow you to keep track of them and alert you when they are in trouble. Once logged in, the system dials the person at regular intervals and if they do not answer after a specified number of calls, raises the alert.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR service increases the flexibility of the system by allowing users to navigate a menu system (similar to phone banking). All listed functionality may be made available through this IVR tree. As well as accessing system services it may be set up as an information service allowing users to access pre-recorded messages or announcements.

Logging and Reporting

This module can send scheduled or instant reports to designated administrators. They can be tailored to suite the organisation’s requirements. The reports that can be generated include monthly logging of the service through to moves and changes done on teams.