We developed NICUCam to help hospitals enhance the wellbeing of families experiencing neonatal separation.

Using NICUCam, you can now provide new levels of compassionate customer service to patients - while enhancing your hospital’s reputation and prestige within the healthcare industry.


NICUCam features a webcam on a flexible tripod mounted beside the crib or bed of the infant.

The software is compatible with all browsers, streaming images 24/7 to any handheld device. It is optimised for mobile phones without the need for an app, and offers different resolution options.



All videos are encrypted for complete confidentiality. Trained staff can turn off the cam when required, and no images are recorded or stored.Users log in with a unique username and password, which they can give to selected guests for shared viewing and comments.


Primary care is enhanced, with paediatricians able to access ‘virtual viewing’ of every infant round-the-clock.

Parents can view their babies any time of day or night when they can't be present in the ward due to work, travel or childcare restrictions. This strengthens relationships between parents and children during a very stressful time.

NICUCam is an indispensable tool in contemporary special care nurseries. Explore its features to find out more.