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Operational integrity is vital during a crisis, whether the threat comes from weather, fire, flood or terrorism.

Your primary aim, when threatened, is to keep the critical functions of your organisation running as smoothly as possible. This includes communications, operations, supply chain and emergency response.

Your critical response platform should also function independently of infrastructure. So, in the worst-case scenario, you can communicate quickly and clearly even when buildings, equipment or transport are affected.

  • Keeping lines of communication open.
  • Ensuring people still talk to each other.
  • Protecting the safety of workers.
  • Maintaining operational integrity.
  • Unifying workers across departments, offices and locations.
  • Enacting a well-crafted and comprehensive crisis response.

Truly intelligent critical communications

ADTEC’s critical communications involve so much more than simple two-way conversations.

Our solutions create a comprehensive crisis response capability covering every aspect of your organisation. A clear, co-ordinated system of assessment and operational response then ensures effective functioning should disaster strike.

ADTEC places you in the driver’s seat

Our sophisticated, cloud-based platform puts you in charge, with the ability to keep all workers in the loop using instant messaging and alerts.

Get instantaneous confirmation that workers have carried out all necessary procedures. This minimises bottlenecks, boosts security and facilitates faster, more effective response within the organisation.

The cost of inaction can be huge in terms of revenue, reputation, branding and risk to human life and welfare. So, ask us how we can strengthen your crisis response.