Imagine a specialist conferencing system empowering you in any crisis – enabling you to blast dial multiple key people, take full operator control and streamline operations with a truly intelligent contact centre.

Welcome to ComCent, the system of choice for emergency services and first responder organisations everywhere.

Blast dial out

Blast dial team members on any phone – don’t wait for them to dial into a conference call.

  • Unlimited contact numbers for individuals.
  • Integrated member rostering functionality
  • The ALERTS service calls to members anywhere anytime and immediately conferences them.
  • Secures your calls by PINs with high degree of flexibility in the configuration

Operator controlled

Operator functionality gives the user control, in real time, of services running on the system. Users are able to call out and manipulate calls already on the system to facilitate advanced functions including voting, question and answer periods and split / combine multiple rooms. Built in phone book and searching simplifies and streamlines tasks in critical situations easing operator workloads. Our system is used by many hospital patient transfer services around Australia and the world, allowing them to simplify patient records by using the unique features to integrate record numbers and out of the box call recordings.

Contact centre

ComCent offers a complete enterprise call centre solution for agents, both on and off premises.

  • Call queueing functionality including agent routing and timed overflow of incoming callers.
  • Full administrative and wallboard monitoring of agents and call-in system.
  • Cross-reference call capacity with add-call classifications, notes and call titles.
  • Users can join multi-call session together under single reference.
  • Full call recording with system logging and on-demand or scheduled reporting.

Advanced features

Mix and match modules allow you to create a sophisticated critical communications system offering peak performance during sudden or extended emergencies.

Already an outstanding performer in small, medium, large and corporate enterprises across Australia, ComCent’s unified communications system features a raft of advanced features.

  • Alert, operator-controlled and corporate conferencing.
  • Multi-messaging, crisis management, DR and marketing.
  • Queueing service and post incident analysis.
  • Recording and storage of vital data.

As a result, ComCent reduces conferencing costs and optimises efficiency. Want to know more? Check out the full features to see how you can leverage the power of ComCent in your organisation.