Take Control of Your
Critical Communications
with ADTEC

Optimising the response to critical incidents

Don’t waste precious time and resources when disaster strikes. Our critical communications solutions integrate voice, messaging, location and intelligence functions to enhance your emergency planning strategy - triggering instant, effective response to any kind of incident.

  • Keep employees, residents and visitors safe
  • Create your own custom emergency task check-list
  • Deploy the right response at the first sign of trouble
  • Co-ordinate all appropriate critical responses
  • Minimise disruption to your organisation
  • Boost transparency and procedural clarity.

As threats and risks grow more complex, companies must deploy the smartest, most agile technology available to optimise safety, speed and recovery in the event of a critical incident. Yet outdated legacy systems can no longer be relied on to protect people, property and IP from an expanding list of threats, including:

  • Extreme weather events
  • Bushfires
  • Power outages
  • Traffic incidents
  • Infrastructure failure
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Terrorism related events
  • Medical emergencies
  • Cyber attacks.

This is where we excel. Our advanced critical communications systems are customised to offer you fast, effective, multi-channel response across every site and department.

This can revolutionise your organisation's entire crisis response.

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