Benefit from zero maintenance
for all your critical

Critical communications to rely on

Many organisations understand the importance of having failsafe critical communications to support them in an emergency. However, enterprises often struggle to implement a system, facing several challenges.

  • Crisis communications only cover certain times of day or night.
  • Legacy systems or outdated technology leave gaps in cover.
  • IT departments can struggle under the extra workload.
  • Critical events may threaten on-site hosting infrastructure.
  • Lack of expertise compromises system operation.

Get peace of mind with ADTEC's hosted options

We can help. Our specialist critical communications solution is a zero maintenance option that relieves you of the hosting burden. We take full responsibility for providing a 24/7 critical communications service with data stored in the cloud.

Our hosted service is a cost effective way to protect your critical communications during an emergency, while easing pressure on your human resources.

  • Leading, world class technology ensures you receive premium critical communications coverage.
  • Your organisation saves time and money on IT resources.
  • Separate hosting of critical communications protects you during a critical event.
  • On-demand or scheduled reporting capabilities give you both oversight and transparency.

Don’t leave your organisation exposed – explore our critical communications options today.