Enhance your hospital’s
reputation with NICUCam
neonatal innovation

Support emotional wellbeing of families

ADTEC is proud of its innovation in neonatal live streaming technology. In collaboration with Canberra Hospital, ADTEC developed NICUCam to improve the experience of parents undergoing neonatal separation.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Canberra Hospital was the first NICU to introduce this ground-breaking technology for parents. It’s a wonderful way to boost the emotional health of parents, easing pressure and bringing family and friends together when anxiety and stress levels are soaring.

NICUCam also promotes the reputation and standing of your hospital. You offer a higher quality of neonatal care due to increased transparency and greater visibility for medical staff, while building more positive relationships between parents and caregivers.


Watch and share: 24-hour emotional support

So many families are forced to spend precious time apart when their newborn is admitted to intensive care. Work, travel and childcare commitments conspire to keep parents away at a critical time. With NICUCam, parents need only internet connection and login details to enjoy live or delayed video streaming straight from the neonatal bed, wherever they happen to be.

Selected guests can also be invited to view the live stream and share comments, providing much needed emotional support for parents.

Secure viewing, password protected

Remote viewing of individual babies via secure website has enormous potential to keep families together and help manage emotional stress.

  • Users allocated unique username and password.
  • Parents log in with simple password to view.
  • Hosted service with 24/7 availability.
  • Different resolution options available.
  • Guests able to view baby and post comments.

Explore the possibilities of NICUCam - a major step forward in neonatal family wellbeing.