About Us

At ADTEC, we’re passionate about critical communications. By connecting people in urgent situations, we help organisations everywhere manage emergencies and minimise risk.

We understand exactly how much you stand to lose in the event of a major disaster like a fire, flood, extreme weather event or terrorism-related incident. Our world-class software is specifically designed to help you communicate with your people, securing assets, functioning and reputation in these situations - and it's all backed by outstanding customer service.

It's why so many organisations trust ADTEC to enhance their emergency alerting and communications capabilities.


ADTEC’s critical aim

For more than 20 years, ADTEC has provided world-leading critical communications solutions. As industry leaders, our calling is to keep on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

When faced with a challenge, we embrace it. It motivates us to reach for ever-more intelligent and effective ways to help you reduce the risk to your people, infrastructure and reputation when disaster threatens. Or strikes.

We are a preferred provider for a range of emergency services and organisations – all requiring fail-safe crisis communications to counter any and every kind of threat:

  • Connecting people in urgent and dangerous situations.
  • Providing clear, instant, secure emergency communications.
  • Ensuring ‘business as usual’ conferencing capabilities.
  • Sending emergency alerts across your entire network.
  • Integrating voice, message, location and intelligence functions.
  • Minimising disruption and protecting organisational integrity.
  • Building resilience into crisis responses across the board.

We seek to empower the organisations we serve, providing frontline workers and first responders with best practice communications tools to help them manage operations and reduce risk during critical incidents.

Our goal? To reinvent the way organisations act and react in times of crisis, using the latest and most streamlined forms of technology available today.

Are you ready
to transform your critical response communications?