Imagine a specialist conferencing system empowering you in any crisis – enabling you to blast dial multiple key people, take full operator control and streamline operations with a truly intelligent contact centre.

Welcome to ComCent, the system of choice for emergency services and first responder organisations everywhere.



We developed NICUCam to help hospitals enhance the wellbeing of families experiencing neonatal separation.

Using NICUCam, you can now provide new levels of compassionate customer service to patients - while enhancing your hospital’s reputation and prestige within the healthcare industry.

About Us

About Us

At ADTEC, we’re passionate about critical communications. By connecting people in urgent situations, we help organisations everywhere manage emergencies and minimise risk.

NICUCam Enhance

Enhance your hospital’s
reputation with NICUCam
neonatal innovation

Support emotional wellbeing of families

ADTEC is proud of its innovation in neonatal live streaming technology. In collaboration with Canberra Hospital, ADTEC developed NICUCam to improve the experience of parents undergoing neonatal separation.

Benefits From Zero

Benefit from zero maintenance
for all your critical

Critical communications to rely on

Many organisations understand the importance of having failsafe critical communications to support them in an emergency. However, enterprises often struggle to implement a system, facing several challenges.


Empower Your People
with Smart Critical

Effective tools for effective people

Don’t leave it to chance to find out how well your workers communicate in a crisis – it could be far too costly in terms of life and property.

Smart CDBC

Smart communications
deliver business

Operational integrity is vital during a crisis, whether the threat comes from weather, fire, flood or terrorism.

Your primary aim, when threatened, is to keep the critical functions of your organisation running as smoothly as possible. This includes communications, operations, supply chain and emergency response.


Unified Communications
meets IoT

IM-Notify: Interconnection at its best

The most intelligent technology is needed to connect the vital operating arms of your organisation during a crisis. Our agile crisis response tool unifies the most sophisticated communications features in one smart device enabled interface.