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Audio and Video Products

Managed Network

ADTEC’s Network services make certain that an organisation’s network, cabling, Internet service and endpoints are all functioning, installed correctly, up to date and compatible.

ADTEC can install all the necessary network hardware and software for video and audio conferencing. They use Polycom conference platforms to provide the most advance video and audio conferencing infrastructure in the world. These platforms are known as a bridge or multipoint control units (MCUs). This bridging hardware and software enables optimised network usage with a flexible and resilient architecture. The advanced routing algorithms used by Polycom products enable unparalleled integration of multiple video streams with no loss of clarity.

ADTEC can organise your Internet service at a highly competitive rate through Internode, an Australian owned national Internet services provider. 

ADTEC’s Network service ensures that are all endpoints are secure, functioning and accounted for.

Secure: We make sure all endpoints are securely connected and protected. Anti-virus software is updated, streamlined and constantly monitoring the system. Appropriate Firewalls can be set up depending on each endpoints security posture. Network access controls can be created ensuring access only to endpoints that conform to the system’s security requirements.

Monitored:  ADTEC will make sure all endpoints are connected and functioning correctly with all software updated. Software licences are kept up to date and optimised where multiple endpoints are required.

Audited:  Endpoint management over a complex and distributed network is difficult but very necessary.  Often endpoints are mobile and located in widely distributed area, even in different countries. ADTEC can audit and monitor your endpoints making sure you know where they are and are functioning correctly. This process promotes efficiencies within the network.

Compatible: There are many types and brands of endpoints. ADTEC will ensure devices are compatible and have all the necessary bridging software.

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