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Critical Communications

ALERTS Messaging

The Alert Messaging service is specially designed to send a message to large numbers of people quickly. This could be for an emergency situation when large numbers of people need to be alerted to an impending threat. It could also be to coordinate large numbers of people in any project, event or crisis situation.

Most commonly messages are sent to landline and mobile telephones. However it can just as easily send messages using SMS and email. 

The list of numbers to be paged can come from a variety of sources and be filtered according to need. For example all the fire-fighters on a certain roster living in a set geographic area could be easily selected and sent a specific message.

A simple and effective way of activating an emergency response is via Email or SMS broadcasting. One phone call followed by a PIN initiates the alert with a message sent to everyone on a predefined list. This could be used to notify an emergency response team or used as a selected population update during an unsafe event. The system can be used for a singular event or for regular updates during an ongoing event.

Alert Messaging

This is an example of how it could work:

  1. You dial into the system and follow the prompts, enter the appropriate PIN to select the targeted group or area.
  2. You are prompted to record a warning message, check for accuracy and then hang up.
  3. The service then immediately dials all the phone numbers selected from your team.
  4. When a number answers the call, the message is automatically played to the recipient.
  5. The recipient is instructed to press a key that the message has been received.
  6. The service then records the result.