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Critical Communications

ALERTS Conferencing

Critical conferencing means getting everyone connected, fast. When an event arises then just one phone call automatically connects you to your team, anywhere, anytime. It’s fast, powerful and designed for designed for simple, everyday use. 

How does it work?

Critical Conferencing begins when a situation arises. Just one phone call and the appropriate people are selected automatically. The people selected are called and added to the conference when they respond. 

Alert Conferencing

Here is a step by step example:

  1. You are alerted to an urgent situation.
  2. You dial the Alert Conferencing access number and enter your PIN.
  3. You follow the prompts to select the preselected group that you wish to be in the conference. 
  4. The people in the group are dialled and join in if available. Several numbers can be provided for each person and these are dialled systematically until the person responds.
  5. As the conference progresses others can be added to the group if outside input is needed.