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Web Conferencing

ADTEC is a leader in providing Web Conferencing and Webinar technology. They can help you set up such Web Conferencing systems such WebEx from Cisco.

ADTEC can provide installation and updating of software. They are able to ensure the appropriate hardware and infrastructure is installed to optimise the Web Conferencing experience.

They can provide the necessary training in the use of these technologies. The software provided is very user friendly but also very powerful. To get the most out of Web Conferencing training will not only make the day to day use of Web Conferencing a joy but also understand the real potential of web conferencing. This includes live online training, consultations, team meetings, sales presentations and webinars.

Web Conferencing software enables everyone to see the same document, drawings even applications on their screen. People can also pass the editing control of documents so that they can be changed in real time. This function enables documents to be worked on collaboratively.

Other functions include the ability to record the WEB Conference for later viewing or to keep a record of proceedings. Meetings can be easily scheduled using programs such as Outlook. The Web Conference is accessible to most platforms including Windows, Mac and also on Smartphones.

Web Conferencing is simple, secure and affordable.

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