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Conferencing Services

ADTECs Conferencing Services offers outsourced management of video, voice or web conferencing. Many organisations have discovered the economic and operational advantages of having dedicated conference services accessible and management free.  

Video and voice conferencing can save a company thousands of dollars in travel costs and wasted time. It allows for more meetings to be scheduled and more people to attend. This can create a greater ownership and commitment of employees to their role within a company as they participate in meetings and the broader corporate environment. 

Modern technology has provided invaluable tools for organisations to have clear and accessible communication amongst all its members.  Many organisations have only just started to grasp the power of these technologies and the benefits brought by these new ways of communicating. 

Imagine scheduling a weekly Web Conference with sales staff across an expanding business area.  Imagine developing a Webinar program that you can market and develop another stream of income or professionally develop your employees easily and economically. Imagine connecting regularly with staff that are distributed widely across Australia and even overseas.

You can connect regularly and economically without having to set up your own infrastructure, without employing your own technical personnel and know it is always works.

These services are traditionally known as Bureau services in the conference industry. ADTEC provides three Conferencing Services: