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Revolabs FLX UC500

Revolabs FLX UC500 is a professional grade speakerphone for a wide range of use including softphone calls, webinars and audio conference calls. It has a built in tweeter and mid-woofer speaker elements for a superb sound and four built in microphones for a full 360 degree coverage. The microphones are located at each corner facing the speaker and this will reduce the chance of picking up the background echo in the room.


  • Two-element loudspeaker
  • Four integrated microphones with individual acoustic echo cancellation per microphone
  • Full-Duplex audio
  • Volume control with audible feedback
  • Mute On/Off control
  • Automatically optimized echo performance for each audio path, based on acoustic environment
  • Noise filter
  • Mini USB 2.0 audio connection


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