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Qocca Update: New and Upcoming Features


New Features

1) Driver Mode

We have introduced a new driver mode to allow users to toggle on and off voice instructions for sending messages.
This is incorporated with our new voice messaging functionality and give drivers a two twp option for recording and sending their messages on the go- no need to look at the screen or press particular buttons!
This functionality will appeal to organisations where personnel are on the road a lot and who want a solution what will not need the driver to take their eyes off the road.


2) Voice Message to Phone Endpoints

The coming release of QOCCA now incorporates the ability to send voice messages via the telephone network directly from QOCCA.
Users simply press the voice message service button and touch the screen once to record a message, and again to finish the message.
This voice message is then transmitted to all members of your team on their chosen media (and now as a voice call).
This allows non-QOCCA users to receive messages.As with all QOCCA messaging the initiator and other QOCCA users have complete visibility of message progress and may incorporate user responses from all media types.


3) Improved Map based Location 

QOCCA users can now send locations to their teams based on entering a search address as well as selecting in the map. This allows users to have finer resolution on addresses without needing to zoom the map.

4) Take Me There

QOCCA now integrates with your phone mapping service. This allows you to select the 'Take me there' option for map location messages to give driving or walking instructions on how to get the sent location.



Upcoming Features

1) Web Management

We are currently hard at work to make your user experience with QOCCA even more seamless.
We are releasing a new user administration portal that will allow you to easily add and manage your QOCCA subscription, add new people, and set their team associations.
You will also be able to view your messages and logging information to keep on top of incidents



Try for Free

For a limited time ADTEC are offering first time users a 30 day trial account (subject to approval) for you to experience the new level of communications available with QOCCA. Send an email to sales@adtec.com.au or call 02 9281 0444 and talk to our friendly sales staff to get started.