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Canberra Hospital Nicucam Project Updates



ADTEC is working in conjunction with Canberra Hospital to develop a management portal and streaming video solution that enables parents to view their baby whilst in special care. The system will give new parents the ability to watch their baby while they are unable to attend the hospital reducing the anxiety felt by many new parents going through the trauma of separation from they baby.


Nicucam features

ADTEC is building features that are easy to control, allowing the nurse administrators to spend less time on administration and more time on patients. One particular example is the scanner application which has been created especially for this project. This scanner application allows users to log into the website automatically by simply scanning the user ID, fill in barcode fields using QR codes and even uploading images. It also provides with a simple camera and baby reallocation within the ward by scanning Ids without the need for a computer. Smart wall plates will also allow for bedside system control and camera feedback for registered nurses.


ADTEC is supporting the the system with the instant feedback to our monitoring centre from the monitored equipment, providing piece of mind to the users.


This system is currently in the last stages of trial before being rolled out in the Nicu ward of Canberra hospital.