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Managed Services

In today’s fast paced and changing world it takes an enormous amount of human resources to manage and keep up to date an organisations communication and technology infrastructure.  ADTEC’s Managed Services enables an organisation to concentrate on its core business knowing that their collaboration technologies are fully functioning.

Modern technology has provided invaluable tools for organisations to have constant, clear and accessible communication across all its networks. Most organisations have only just started to grasp the benefit of these efficiencies and new ways of communicating. 

Imagine having a Video Conference with 20 employees located in 20 locations around the world. They have a lifelike experience with high quality natural interactions. Imagine calling an Audio Conference with only 15 minutes notice and having everybody comment on how clear and easy it was to join the conversation and interact. 

What if you could do all of the above without effort, knowing that it just works? How would it benefit your organisation? How much would it change your organisation?

ADTEC’s Managed Services encompasses the management, provision and configuration of Video and Audio Conferencing. These collaboration technologies require expertise that is beyond the normal the technical resources of many organisations. It is often economically viable to outsource management of such services rather than having specialist technical staff employed. After all, it is our business; we do it efficiently and find the best solution for your organisation’s needs.

That’s were ADTEC’s Managed Services are your ideal solution to keep your organisation connected and talking at all times.  When managing and designing conferencing infrastructure there are some critical design, maintenance and security issues that ADTEC addresses.

  • Setting up and maintaining the most appropriate, efficient and usable infrastructure for your organisations needs.
  • Keeping your devices and software up to date – Technologies change quickly, let us manage your infrastructure and you will be guaranteed that you are benefiting from all the latest conferencing innovations. 
  • Making sure all devices are compatible –Many video conferencing endpoint manufacturers have different standards and software. We make sure all your endpoints are compatible with each other and the network functions without technical problems.
  • Usability – It must be easy to use, intuitive, encourage interaction and make people feel like they are actually in the same location.
  • Security – When using internet technologies there are many security concerns in end point management. At ADTEC we make sure endpoints are securely exposed to management software. We also take care of the setting up and management of appropriate firewalls 

ADTEC has a complete range of Managed Services for video and audio communication. Managed Services can provide: