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Critical Communications


ADTEC provides critical communication services to many corporate clients including the financial, legal and insurance industries.  These services have confidence that when the unexpected crisis occurs, communications are in place to manage the situation efficiently and responsibly. 

Insurance corporations can use an Alert Notifier to provide dial-in information services for clients during an event such as a Natural Disaster. 

Financial institutions and large corporations need to be prepared for such contingencies as the crash and instability of the finance markets, threats of corporate takeovers, the death of a director or manager and any public relation concern. The destabilisation of these events can be mitigated by effective and immediate communications. A Critical Conferencing service 


The CEO of an oil company receives word there’s been an oil spill from one of the company’s tankers, with potential for an environmental disaster – not to mention the public relations fallout.

With one phone call, the Critical Conferencing system automatically calls all the top level executives for an emergency meeting. A series of listed numbers is called for each member until the system receives the appropriate PIN code response.

Within minutes, all the relevant players are on line, making tough decisions required to see the company through this challenging time. At any time any other contacts can be joined to the group, such as the Chief Environmental Officer or Public Relations representatives to help make decisions.