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Critical Communications

ALERTS Notifier

The Alert Notifier service is an automated, updatable information service. It allows many people to access urgent information by phone at the same time. It can provide a one simple message for all users or have a branching information facility for more complex situations.

This service is particularly useful during any natural disaster when whole populations are needing accurate, up to date and localised information.

An 1800 number can be provided to make the service free and accessible.

Alert Notifier

This is an example of how it could work:

  1. The situation coordinator initiates the Alert Notifier service by phone or by a computer interface. 
  2. The relevant messages are added to each information branch which is required.
  3. The coordinator updates the messages as new information arrives.
  4. The 1800 number is advertised and people can call in for the latest accurate and localised information at any time.