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Jabra SPEAK Series

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Turn every room into a conference room

Looking for a low-cost way to get more conference rooms? Jabra Speak™ 410 is a speakerphone that turns any room into a conference facility.

A portable, compact design

Jabra Speak™ 410 has a compact design and a travel case that make it well-suited for transport. Whether it's setting up a quick conference call in someone's office, or taking it along on the road, collaboration is made easy.


Its compact design and travel case make it easy to carry around, and the integrated cable management ensures quick set-up. It's the perfect solution for spontaneous conferencing and collaboration. Jabra SPEAK 410 also comes in a variant optimized for seamless integration with Microsoft Lync.


Model Variants:

  • Jabra SPEAK 410 USB Conference Phone MS
  • Jabra SPEAK 410 UC
  • Jabra SPEAK 510+UC
  • Jabra SPEAK 510 USB
  • Jabra SPEAK 510 MS
  • Jabra SPEAK 510+MS

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