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Tabletop conferencing – fully expandable conferencing with unmatched audio clarity and multiple room coverage

The industry’s first fully expandable, tabletop conference phone, MAXAttach® includes ClearOne’s legacy HDConference® audio processing technology to provide unparalleled sound quality for natural-sounding phone conferences.


MAXAttach® includes two phone units, with the ability to daisy-chain up to four, providing full coverage for larger conference rooms. Use the expansion base option to use the phones in separate rooms, in almost any combination, for a completely flexible solution. Multiple speakers, multiple microphones, and multiple dial pads are distributed throughout the room, or rooms, for unrivaled coverage.  


      • Unsurpassed audio clarity
      • ClearOne’s, market-leading, HDConference® audio technology
      • Proprietary echo and noise cancellation algorithms prevent distracting audio
      • Full-duplex audio means no cutting in and out
      • Automatic gain and level controls adjust mic and speaker levels automatically
      • First-mic priority intelligently focuses mic levels based on who is speaking
      • Adaptive modeling-continuously samples room acoustics for any changes
      • Three built-in microphones array with 360° audio pickup up to 12 feet
      • Large loudspeaker for rich, clear conferencing or audio playback
      • Ease of use
      • True plug-and-play capability


 WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase

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